Часто задаваемые вопросы

  1. Что Biocell Ultravital?
  2. Biocell Ultravital is the world’s most exclusive and advanced line of cellular renovation therapies in the world. They are of Swiss origin and are divided in 7: Cellular Regeneration, Revitalizing Therapy, Anti-Inflammatory Therapy, Pro-hormonal Therapy Antioxidant Therapy, and Metabolic Therapy, and Detoxifying Therapy all categories crucial for an extended youthful and quality assured life. These therapies are biological and all natural and are comprised of only the best active ingredients available in the world today.

  3. Как регулируются активные ингредиенты?
  4. The methods implemented in production of these biological materials adhere strictly to the guidelines established by the French Food and Drug Agency Branch for Guidelines and Evaluation of Biological Medicines (A.F.S.S.A.P.S) and are continually supervised by said agency. This agency establishes the guidelines and controls mandated for biosecurity of materials intended for medicinal purposes and monitors that they are met. The methods implemented by Biocell Ultravital and its labs are those set forth by the A.F.S.S.P.S. and have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  5. Is Biocell Ultravital available in pharmacies?
  6. Our products are only available at limited specialized pharmacies and traditionally could only be purchased with a prescription from a qualified physician. This is why we offer our network of physicians for medical consultation at no charge. We always urge you consult a physician before starting any treatment.

  7. Если бы вы могли приобрести страховку, чтобы гарантировать качество жизни и здоровья не так ли?
  8. We at Biopharmaxie offer the most advanced formulas in preventive medicine today. We compare our treatments to an insurance policy, but instead of insuring property we provide insurance for a healthier, youthful, and more vibrant life. You now have a way to insure a healthier physical future.

  9. Как следует принять BIOCELL Ultravital продукты?
  10. Все наши процедуры должны следовать как указано, и под наблюдением врача.

  11. Есть ли какие-вывода вторичных побочные эффекты, связанные с Biocell Ultravital лечения?
  12. There aren’t any secondary or side effects associated to Biocell Ultravital therapies. People allergic to animal proteins and expecting mothers should not take our products.

  13. Были ли какие-либо исследования, связанные с Biocell Ultravital?
  14. We have gathered over 5,000 case studies worldwide in the last 5 years. All from doctors prescribing our products and over 90% have all reported that Biocell Ultravital therapies are effective in preventing disease as well as providing ancillary treatment to conventional ones. They have reported that our therapies are the most complete on the market today.

  15. Каковы результаты этих тематических исследований?
  16. The results have been overwhelmingly positive with over 90% of doctors stating they will continue to prescribe and use our products. For a more detailed analysis of these studies we have provided info graphics on our site to illustrate our findings.

  17. Нужно ли мне рецепт, чтобы купить BIOCELL Ultravital tерапии?
  18. Да, вы должны рецепт, и единственный способ приобрести наши продукты через врача или нашей аптеке онлайн.

  19. Какие стандарты контроля качества BIOCELL Ultravital в?
  20. Biocell counts with the strictest international standards of quality control and is also approved and regulated by the FDA in the United States. We follow FDA good manufacturing practices and our laboratories are QAS 9001 certified with the highest standards of quality assurance. All our active ingredients are of the best quality on the market today and are tested for purity before being used.

  21. Сколько стоимость будет грузить?
  22. Shipping options are various depending on your country of origin. They will always be reflected at purchase, and there are multiple options in cities where they are available. We ship globally and that makes our shipping costs low. Keep in mind that not all orders are the same, so pricing depends on location weight and time of delivery

  23. How affordable is Biocell Ultravital?
  24. We at Biocell Ultravital don’t feel we can put a price on quality of life, for that reason we ask you “What price do you put on your health?“. We urge you to think that the most important thing in life is a quality of life devoid of disease and chronic pains and being able to live it with bountiful health.

  25. Имеет ли моя страховка лечение крышка?
  26. Our products are not covered with insurance, but keep in mind that our therapies are composed with the best materials and it’s an investment for your health, it is better to prevent than to treat and pay the consequences of disease.

  27. Что делать, если продукт, который я заказать прекращено или формула изменилась?
  28. Our products are always evolving, so if one therapy gets discontinued, it is because we have replaced it with a better better and more complete formula. We always announce when there is a new product, change in formula or when a product is discontinued. We work with the latest technology so if something is discontinued it will be to better serve our patients and their needs.

  29. Почему продукты Biocell Ultravital более продвинутый, чем другие нутрицевтиков продукции?
  30. All our formulas were innovated in Switzerland and use the highest of standards and protocols. We are an exclusive company that only uses natural materials and the most innovative therapies available today.

  31. Ваши продукты природного или синтетического?
  32. Все наши формулы совершенно естественным и биологическим. Они не содержат никаких лекарств, стероидов, химикаты или запрещенных веществ.

  33. Что является лучшим лечения для конкретного состояния?
  34. Our most complete formula is Human Ultracell; But Cellorgane focuses on each individual system. Consult your doctor or one of our provided doctors for which treatment is best for you. We have also provided a list of the most common diseases and ailments treated by each product to better inform your decision. If you still not sure, please send us an email with your concern and we will help you as soon as possible.

  35. Что Biocell Ultravital сделать, чтобы обеспечить качество своей продукции?
  36. Our laboratory is FDA certified and all our therapies come with a seal and a security label. Our products are made with ingredients that are imported from France and only the best available, our formulas are made in Switzerland and we manufacture our therapies here in United States with the latest Swiss technology.

  37. Ваши продукты "фармацевтического класса"?
  38. Yes, our products are composed and manufactured with the most advance technology and pharmaceutical quality ingredients available in the world. Our therapies have been prescribed globally for over 15 years.

  39. Когда дело доходит до БАД является стоимость показатель качества?
  40. Yes. Patented materials and validated scientific therapies cost more. In contrast with many commercial brands focused on driving up margins by using the cheapest raw materials available, we only use the finest raw material suppliers who invest in scientific validation of their ingredients and we test all raw materials for purity using independent labs to insure their quality, which increases material costs. With Biocell Ultravital products, you get the best quality money can buy.

  41. Будет заказ уведомления и пересылки информации через электронную почту?
  42. Yes, once you purchased our product you will receive a receipt with a notification of your shipment. Tracking information for your shipments will also be available. We can always.be reached through our customer service with any questions or concerns that may arise.

  43. Информация предусматривает хранится частная?
  44. Yes, our website is fully secure and private. We do not share any information with third parties. Biopharmaxie believes in the integrity of keeping your trust in our products confidential always.

  45. Каковы мои варианты доставки?
  46. Опции будут варьироваться в зависимости от страны и региона. Они всегда будут доступны при покупке.

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