Regenerative Treatment

With the passage of time are impaired cellular functions mainly as a result of byproducts of normal cellular metabolism, called free radicals on the cell tissues. These free radicals are highly reactive molecules, which over time, with cumulative effects, can damage structures within cells affect their functions. This damage is known as oxidative stress or cellular oxidation and is the main responsible aging and age-associated diseases.

The production of free radicals in the cells increases the person to have more exposure to environmental and industrial contaminants such as smoke, pesticides, chemicals, fatty foods, sunlight, cigarette smoke, alcohol, stress, etc. Therefore; the aging and deterioration of the body depends on the lifestyle of people. For this reason the average life span of people is shorter in undeveloped countries, high pollution, and less healthy habits.

Cellular Renewal Therapies from Biocell act directly on the cells, it also contributes to cell damage, but to a lesser degree, the formation of products of the reaction between proteins of the body and high levels of blood sugar, which hinder the mobility of cell membranes and particularly affect long-lived proteins. These products can contribute to the hardening and loss of flexibility of collagen-rich tissues, such as the aorta, the dura or skin. It might also contribute to atherosclerosis, kidney problems, cataracts, clouding of the transparent cornea and peripheral vascular disorders.

Therapies Cellular Renewal of Biocell act directly on the cells, inducing through its embryonic tissues and cleaning the accumulated biological material natural enzymes, promoting “Autophagy " by which the cell digests the waste material, which once reduced to its basic elements, is reused to make new proteins, enzymes, lipids, etc. Thus, cells devoid of biological material accumulated, can gradually recover its functionality supported by the various components of the therapy. The embryonic tissues, coenzymes and enzymes in the formula are able to activate Sirtuins (survival genes) in order to silence the genes that express undesirable proteins. The coenzymes in the formula are also vital to restore the metabolic efficiency of mitochondria. In addition, the high amount of natural antioxidants in the formula significantly reduces future damage from free radicals by neutralizing much of the same.


The components of the various formulas reach cells, either directly or indirectly through the bloodstream. In the case of oral products, they are embedded for the same, through the various means of cellular transport, depending on the size of the molecules of the elements in question. In the case of large molecules, their incorporation into cells is by receptor-mediated endocytosis, following chain: vesicle, endosome and lisosome for smaller molecules, its incorporation will be by simple or by facilitated diffusion proteins as appropriate.

Cell extracts have entered the cell by endocytosis, and are composed of molecules whose atoms are linked together by chemical bonds, in which energy is retained. Both matter and energy are utilized by the cell, through a process called cell digestion which breaks the molecules by the action of enzymes contained hydrolase in lisosomes. The useful parts of the cell cytoplasmic extracts pass and incorporated there by assimilation. The parts that are not useful are removed out of the cell. The incorporation of the various components of the therapy to the corresponding cell tissues is facilitated by the empathy between these components and the identification of receptor proteins on the surface histocompatibility cell membranes in question.


Regenerative Product

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