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Early last century, Switzerland, the small alpine country in Central Europe, and was famous for the precision of their watches, international banking, its beautiful landscapes and its neutrality at all costs. However it drew world attention in 1931 by the pioneering work of Dr. Paul Niehans (1882-1971), transplantation of living cells from animals to humans, to cure organic diseases or to revitalize organs. In 1931, Dr. Niehans managed to save a patient referred by a hospital to which he had removed the thyroid, injecting a suspension of thyroid gland of freshly slaughtered sheep, beginning the era of "cellular therapies".

In 1954, Dr. Neihans became even more famous by getting Pope Pius XII off his dying bed, who went on to live 4 more years with clarity and vitality. Neihans also addressed in his famous "The Praire Clinic" in Switzerland, thousands of people around the world, among which President Eisenhower, Emperor Hirohito, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and other famous personalities. Since then thousands of people of all latitudes and in different social and cultural levels, have attended several specialized centers in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the Netherlands to apply cell therapies and treatments to restore vitality, stop the process aging and prevent disease.

Since the time of Dr. Niehans, the technology of Cellular Therapies has impressively advanced, insofar as they were clearing doubts about the functioning of the immune system and mechanisms of rejection and gaining knowledge about the endocrine system and the role of multiple enzymes, co-enzymes, hormones, trace elements, vitamins, and growth factors that renders the human body.

This new knowledge, coupled with advanced and innovative techniques of laboratory processes, which help ensure the long term preservation of active biological material minimize rejection by the human immune system and ensure their safety, or security that can not harm, have enabled the development of novel therapies for rejuvenation, revitalization, cure and prevention of catastrophic diseases.

The evolution of these therapies is mainly due to a select group of interrelated biological laboratories in different countries of Central Europe, among them Biocell Ultravitalâ„¢.

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