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In a globalized and industrialized world, chemicals are an integral part of everyday life with over 100,000 different substances in use.

Very importantly Industries producing and using these substances, have a huge impact on employment, trade and global economic growth. There is hardly an industry where chemicals are not involved and no single industry where chemicals do not have a role.

Unfortunately there is a high price to pay, environmental effects ranging from sequels on sensitive species and ecosystems to the mass extinction of species, leading to large-scale problems such as eutrophication of water bodies and depletion of stratospheric ozone. Chemical pollution is widely distributed in water, air, and earth, so that no human being is free from exposure to this contamination. This exposure to these substances leads to health-related effects, and pass from acute poisoning to long term effects such as cancer, birth defects, neurological disorders, hormonal problems, exacerbation of degenerative diseases and premature aging.

People are also exposed through work activities in their daily life, drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food (Conservatives and pesticides) to heavy metals widely described.

Heavy metals cannot be metabolized by the human body and persist in the body, where they exert their toxic effects when combined with one or more essential reactive groups (ligands) for normal physiological functions.

Biocell Ultravital is aware of this serious situation that undermines the quality of life for people, and contributing to exacerbation of degenerative diseases and chronic, includes in its portfolio products focused on detoxification of harmful substances to human health, to which it has been chronically exposed. These substances are called chelates.

The biological interest of chelating originated from efforts to control the trace metals that contribute to food spoilage. The toxicological research of some chelating proposed as additives led to the observation that the strong affinity for cations characterizes calcium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) results in a decrease in serum calcium concentration.


The components of the various formulas reach cells, either directly or indirectly through the bloodstream. In the case of oral products, they are embedded for the same, through the various means of cellular transport, depending on the size of the molecules of the elements in question. In the case of large

molecules, their incorporation into cells is by receptor-mediated endocytosis, following chain: vesicle, endosome and lisosome for smaller molecules, its incorporation will be by simple or by facilitated diffusion proteins as appropriate.

The absorption of undamaged macromolecular substances seemed impossible not long ago. However, with the advancement of highly specific methods of analysis has made it possible to verify the absorption of enzymes and other macromolecular substances from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream or lymph vessels qualitatively and scientifically verifiable. In fact, a way of demonstrating that it is absorbed by the therapeutic effect achieved by its administration.

The chelating process has been used by pharmacologists to develop new therapeutic agents for clinical trials in a wide range of pathology which requires removing metal ions from tissue.

The chelators are designed to compete with the heavy metals include reactive groups physiological preventing or reversing the toxic effects and increase their excretion.

The resulting chelate is formed in the body, are water soluble and largely excreted intact in urine, at a rate much higher than expected for the metal itself.

The formula also includes Micronutrients minerals, which also act as chelating agents, restitute the normal values of these microelements in the body.


Detox Treatment Product

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