Biocell Ultravital’s “Bioresearch Institute,” in its quest to increase the quality-of-life expectancy of human beings, has devoted decades to the research and development of bio-cellular compound-based treatments and products. These therapies, which have been controversial in the past, have been validated with greater acceptance thanks to their therapeutic efficacy, sparking the greatest interest in medical and scientific circles worldwide.

In Switzerland, 2004 was a landmark year, since it served to consolidate all the research related to the topic, when Anita Holler, a scientist who collaborates with the Swiss public health office, declared to The Scientist newspaper, “We are very satisfied that the law on embryonic stem cells was passed; it represents a positive acknowledgment for Switzerland as a scientific centre, a country with a broad scientific history in cell research for therapeutic purposes” and which responds in a timely fashion to the incredulity and reticent attitudes of the past, when a large part of the scientific community knows that it was here that cell research was born.

For the Biocell Ultravital bioresearch institute, this new law represents a kind of legitimization of all our efforts over the past 70+ years and recognition by hundreds of thousands of other scientists the world over.

We point this out not with the egotistical idea of awarding ourselves more credentials, but we shall not hide our satisfaction over the good news that this represents for everyone.

It is truly satisfying to share scientific clarity in our times.

We are especially pleased by the current report of the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) defining cell therapies as alternative medicine. With all due respect, there is no doubt that the research present in our scientific developments, set forth in our products, must already be focused upon not as just another alternative, whereas they comply faithfully with the therapeutic objective.

It pleases us to hear Dr. William Haseltine, between 2000 and 2004 when he was chairman in the U.S. of Human Genome Sciences, coin the phrase “We are in the era of regenerative medicine,” a term which for the past 40 years—of course, from afar—was the seal of our research for the development of clinical studies at that time.

It took many decades for scholars and followers of conventional synthetic drugs to accept their limited therapeutic effect, due to the dose-response ratio. Pharmacological therapy continues trying to correct diseases in terms of the evident symptoms alone, forgetting that the great majority of those pathologies carry prior and microscopic sequelae, which we at Biocell Ultravital call type 1, 2 and 3 cell disorders. For reference purposes only, we point out the scientific focus that 2-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling had on the subject when he spoke of molecular diseases, inferring that almost all tissue diseases appear due to the consequence of structural cell damage.

An analysis questioned in the past, which today gains greater validity and which leads this eminent scientist to express his ideas in easy-to-understand language and terms in his very successful book titled How to Live Longer and Feel Better. Coincidence or not, this title matches our scientific description to qualify the therapeutic action of our products as “Cellular Treatments to Live Longer and Feel Better,” a reasoning on our part since 1977, which we are happy to share now.

Biocell Ultravital celebrates in good time the positive changes taking place in the different health sectors, especially in preventative medicine and the high degree of acceptance of new unconventional treatments throughout the world, especially in North America.

Finally, we are proud to include here the legacy of Dr. Escardo by reviving his scientific motto; “There is always only one medicine and it is the one that cures.”

This important historical review serves as a calling card to inform the international medical community of the incorporation in our product formulas of new biological active ingredients that are precursors of stem cells from embryonic extracts, in order to promote its therapeutic effect and which now forms part of the new range of 2nd and 3rd generation treatments to revitalize, regenerate and repair cell function, consolidating the new era of preventative and anti-ageing medicine.

Perhaps new generations of scientists are still to be born who will discover the immortality gene. The present is very promising, because the energy of this marvelous gift which is life can already be fittingly preserved and prolonged in time for the benefit of mankind.

That is our mission.

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