Why is Covid-19 in some people asymptomatic, while in others it is lethal?

Biocell Ultravital from Switzerland offers our Cellorgane therapy to combat respiratory diseases and strengthen the immune system.

This preventive treatment of Swiss origin is capable of efficiently fighting diseases of the immune system and reinforces the response of the airways and lungs to fight influenza and viruses during the first phase, in which it is estimated that the viral load is higher through the different components of its formulas specialized in strengthening the immune response in the body.



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Cellular Renovation Treatments
Fequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your Frequently Asked Questions about our regenerative cellular treatments, such as where to buy and finding a doctor in your area. Read FAQs.

Biocell Ultravital participates in several world anti-ageing congresses each year.

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Biocell Ultravital carries a line of regenerative products for the exclusive use of Health Professionals and Doctors. As a medical professional you may register for access.

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